HEAS – Clinical and Consultant Psychologists are leaders in the provision of a wide range of human resource initiatives, including Employee Assistance programs (EAP), Critical incident Stress Management (CISM), etc, which are aimed to assist both individuals and companies work optimally while maintaining an emphasis on sound mental health.

If rehabilitation is at the “fixit end” of employee health and EAPs are focused on reacting to issues of psychological health in the workplace, mentoring represents a highly effective preventative strategy in employee well-being. Mentoring is introduced when prevention is regarded as the optimal approach to mental health and in addition where coaching and personal improvement is regarded as indispensable.

Mentoring aims to:

  1. Encourage participation in constructive dialogue through a mentoring (challenging) experience.
  2. Map out attainable personal and professional goals
  3. Identify and examine existing problems, formulate realistic solutions and make constructive decisions
  4. Plan workable strategies for pursuing career training and educational development.
  5. Implement positive actions to achieve the mentees objectives in areas of spiritual, physical wellbeing, personal resilience, as well as family, social and professional growth.

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