Psychological Occupational Assessments

What Are the Costs of Poor Selection?

The cost of selection errors are generally expensive. Poor selection can mean high staff turnover, this in turn increases recruitment costs. These can vary between 10 percent of salary for more junior staff to 40 percent for senior managers. Of course losing an employee through poor selection also means added training costs for the new employee.

Poor selection will also lead to costs of incompetency and lost opportunity. Incompetence creates pressure and stress for the individual as well as work colleagues, loss of profits and loss of future business from clients.

What is an Occupational Appraisal?

Occupational appraisals are a powerful tool in the crucial process of selecting, developing and counselling people at work. It is valuable for discovering unrealised potential, understanding hidden problems, comparing candidates and for identifying areas for personal development to help employees in their career development.

HEAS use state-of-the-art instruments which are both valid and reliable. Our psychological questionnaires conform to EEO principals and have been validated using Australian norms.

Unfortunately some employers still rely purely on the interview when recruiting. Our appraisal techniques will provide you with the opportunity to make the best informed and accurate selection when placing employees, and because we do not have the extensive overheads of our Sydney competitors, we are able to offer considerable cost savings with the same quality results.

Information About Psychological Assessment from the Candidates Perspective

Why am I being assessed?

What are psychological assessments about?

They are not "pass" or "fail" tests. Their purpose is to indicate:

Are the assessments like exams?

What will I be doing?

How can I get feedback?

Does anyone else have access to my results?

Please note that the responsibility of the test administrator is to help you perform at your best on all the tests you will do today. If you have any questions at any time please do not hesitate to ask.

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